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API Testing Training in Chennai

API Testing Training in Chennai

The next level after Automation Testing is API Testing Training. As usual, Payilagam leads this training with excellent curriculum and practical sessions in Chennai. The major difference in API Testing is it lacks GUI for testing comparing to typical Automation Testing. If we want to test a particular website, we need the entire website GUI in typical automation methods. In API Testing, we can go ahead for testing without the whole website, and just the API of the site is enough. This kind of testing is much useful for short span of software releases. As agile methodology grows, the role of API testing also becomes fast growing one. After the introduction of API Testing, Software testers who involve here are popularly known as part of DevOps team.

    API Testing Training Course Syllabus

  • Chapter 1: Overview of APIs
  • Chapter 2: Types of API
  • Chapter 3: API testing
  • Chapter 4: Test Harness
  • Chapter 5: Requirement of Command Line Tools or scripting
  • Chapter 6: Web API testing
  • Chapter 7: Web Services API Testing
  • Chapter 8: Challenges of API Testing
  • Chapter 9: Best Practices in the API Testing
  • Chapter 10: Case study
  • Chapter 11: API test tools-SOAPUI

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