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Advanced Dot Net Training

Advanced Dot Net Training in Chennai

Microsoft Advance Level .NET 4.5 training (Expert Level) course helps the participants to build and practice programming skills on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. The students will learn how to create and deploy Windows applications using the C# programming language. The course also focuses on delivering knowledge and hands-on experience about building web applications using the Model View Controller (MVC) model of ASP.NET. This course cumulatively gives great exposure to the learners about .NET framework 4.5 tools and technologies.

The Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc. (HOTT) Advanced .NET training curriculum teaches the skills necessary to to build sophisticated applications utilizing the advanced features of the .NET Framework. Students may choose to focus on the C# language or the Visual Basic.NET language. Our instructor-led classes provide substantial hands-on lab time and individual attention.

Advanced .Net Training Course Syllabus

WCF with C# Introduction to WCF | Hosting and Calling WCF Services | Bindings and Contracts | Exceptions, Diagnostics and Message Patterns | Sessions and Transactions | WCF Security | RESTful Services

WPF with C# Introducing WPF | WPF Controls | WPF Document Controls | WPF Graphical Rendering Services | WPF Resource Management | WPF Styles | WPF Animation Support | WPF Data Binding | WPF Templates and User Controls

LINQ Training Outline Language Extensions | Introduction to LINQ | Deferred Execution | Data Projection | LINQ to XML | LINQ to SQL | LINQ to Entities

AJAX What is Ajax | Advantages of Ajax | How to build an Ajax enabled website.

MVC What is MVC | Advantages | How to build a site using MVC

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